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Topeka Area Water Garden Society (TAWGS) is an active and friendly club for people who are interested in the study and enjoyment of water gardens.

Monthly meetings provide a variety of activities including lectures and pond tours as well as an opportunity to meet other pond enthusiasts. Read more...


August Meeting a Success and Heartfelt event

This months meeting, for the most part, was a grand experience and success as Dave and Mary Horner were our hosts and guest speaker.  They made it very clear the pool was open and to bring a swim suit.  Only one person took them up on that offer (your fearless President) and they were right, the water was magnificent with crystal clear, chlorine free water.  They also provided an awsome meal with pulled pork, baked beans, sweets and drinks.  Everyone else brough a dish that made the whole spead, sinfully delicious.

Dave presented a 20 minute slide show of his travels to the Smokey Mountains depicting various water features and landscapes.  You can see Daves work at the Classic Bean in Fairlawn Mall (thtough August) and will be showing at other events in town.  Those interested in his work and were it can be seen,  can contact him at

We had nearly 26 people this time and I believe it speaks volumes for what the club really enjoys.  Gathering and sharing.  Several new members, Craig & Brad  and Tim & Catarina) joined us again and we even had a guest (Kim) who originally found us on the 2016 pond tour and has just got through building her pond and was filling it up for the first time that Saturday.  Kim came to meet new ponders and managed to meet several people and exchange phone numbers.  I spoke with Craig and Brad this week and they had Kim and her husband (Chris) over to pick up some extra plants they were cleaning out of thier pond.   This type of sharing and offerings are what make TAWGS a great social club and a fun event to attend.

Door prizes were provided.  Dave donated a picture of his work while Chris provided a $30 gift certificate to hobby Lobby for a frame.  Tim and Catarina donated a nice piece of garden art.   Winners were happy.

Then the meeting turned serious as we discussed the future and need to find new officers.   With me, your President and Pond Tour Guide Editor stepping down,  TAWGS needs members to step up and volunteer thier time and talents. We also are losing Don T., our Pond Tour Director and Editor in Chief of the Lily Pad newsletter.  We were to form a nomination committee at this meeting, but nobody stepped forward.  I made a plea for individuals to nominate themselves for an Officers position, but nobody stepped forward.  2017 will bring openings for President, Vice President, Pond Tour Director and Newsletter Editor.  We will need to vote in October with new officers taking over in November.

With changes to the clubs direction immanent,  it's imperative we find the right people.  I am sending out this challenge to the membership.  "Communicate amoungst yourselves and bring me nominations in Septemeber".  If the club is to continue, you need to join forces.  You need to show me there is a reason to continue.  I believe there is, but it takes more than a few to make this happen.

On a closing and brighter note, I have spoken with a few individuals since our meeting and have committments to help with the Pond Tour Guide development and the website/Fb page, but no Officers.  If your interested in being a part of this club and feel you can make a diffeence, I encourage your response.  Contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .    I'll see you through the 2016.  You have two months, before I step down.

We adjourned with mixed feelings.

Your President

There's a new player in town.

With the closing of one supplier comes the opening of another. Don & Tom's Bait and Tackle at 2108 NE Meriden Road have quietly been supplying Topeka with water feature pumps and supply's for the past year but will now be expanding their water feature supply's and accessories for any shape and size water feature you can dream up.

Don Hutley was previous owner of Waterscape Concepts and knows a thing or two about Ponds. Give him a call at 785-861-7275 and ask them about Ponds or let them know what you need. They offer TAWGS members a 20% discount. Welcome Don and Tom's. We look forward to having you as part of our club.

On a side note, Don & Tom's in conjunction with Wildcat Landscape have graciously taken in TAWGS and are providing us storage space for our materials used in the Garden Show and Pond Tour. On Aug 2nd, a few of us moved out of our old space and into the new . Thanks to TAWGS members Bill Kraus, Dave and Mary Horner, Kevin McCarthy, Bob Saathoff and Chris Newell that made the move fast and easy.