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25th Annual Pond Tour a Success

The 25th Annual Topeka Area Pond Tour came to a close June 26th at 10pm after the last guest said good night at Pond Number 1.

We want to thank all the Advertisers, Pond Hosts and Pond Sitters that made this event a success.  Without you, we could not do it.  With nearly 200 people attending, we held our own considering the other venues that weekend, blistering temperatures and rain on Sunday.

Other than one directional mishap (a road closure) and an early morning scare on tickets selling out, the event went off wiothout a hitch.  This year we had 9 beautiful ponds and water features set in various landsccapes taking in everyrhing from a trickling stream to a water flat stone and weeping walls.  From shubunkins and gold fish to Koi.   Modern scapes to Shogun architecture built into a hillside and a timeless english garden.  Wildlife sanctuaries to backyard entetainment centers and with 3 hosts offering up evening entertainment, there was something for everyone.

Thank each and everyone of you for being a  part of this years 25th Anniversary.  The feed back was excellent and will be considerd for next years event.  Particularly, estimating the volume of water and size of pump.  We look forward to next years.


Your 2016 Pond Tour Committee.