Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 17., 7pm
Trash Mountain
N. Hwy 75 & 62nd St.


Chris Mammoliti
will present the program

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How to attract hummers
Written by Sherry Reed   

Melody Weller from the Wild Bird House in Brookwood Shopping Center shared her wealth of information about hummingbirds. August and September are the big months for hummingbirds. The babies have fledged and are thick on the feeders. melodyAll of the hummingbirds are getting ready also for their long migration south. The adult males leave first, then the adult females and finally the young birds leave last. The young hummingbirds must double their weight before they are ready to migrate.

The ruby-throated hummingbird is the most common to our area. Some may be lucky enough to see a Rufus hummingbird come through the area later in the summer or fall. That is why it is important not to take down feeders too soon. They will start leaving late September to early October. Melody leaves her feeders up until November.